Thursday, September 18, 2008

End of Summer

I spent the past weekend on the Oregon coast. It was amazing and beautiful, and best of all SUNNY! The coast is rarely this warm and without wind. I feel fortunate to have spent it with James and Bear. 

Feeling frustrated lately with riding. I want to progress more than I am. I feel great after a lesson but on my own I feel directionless. Finding it difficult to tell if it is me or the horse somedays. Looking forward to the day I can have a horse buddy of my own versus leasing. I am in love with one of the horses at the barn, although I believe I am not ready for him, and he is most likely too expensive. It is hard to justify the money I spend on horses sometimes. But we all feel like that at times, right? Patience and Diligence.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st

The end of August here in Oregon was filled with mild weather and yesterday a typical fall day complete with rain. I convinced myself that it would be great to go out to the barn Saturday. I brought a good friend of mine out to take some pictures with me and enjoy some horse time. It is always fun to see one of your non horsey friends interact with your favorite animal. After having such a great lesson on Weds. I was anxious to see how much we could get done on this ride. Once again I leave confused, and a bit frustrated. I have so many questions and want to learn so much, I need to practice patience and not take it so personal. The horses are amazing and just being out on the property watching them interact is worth the drive for me. I look forward to more adventures this week.