Thursday, November 22, 2007

Holiday in Ohio

I don't even know where this month has gone. My last entry being from Halloween, Yikes! I have spent the past 3 weeks packing, painting, and moving. I have moved a dozen times or more and each time I assume that the move will be easy. Maybe it is that as you get older you have more boxes of memories to mull over, things you only look at when moving. I had one day to gather and pack for the trip out to Ohio. I came out to meet Ryan's family. They live in Hudson. It is a small town, well to do full of historic homes that look like dollhouses. Luckily we are tucked away in a wooded area where I have seen new birds and black squirrels. We ventured out yesterday into the countryside. Unfortunatley we have missed the fall leaves and everything appears barren. On our way back to the house we hit a dear. I had only a moment to see the deer as it collided with the driver side. I felt so helpless and awful that I could not help this poor animal. It lay stunned in a driveway. After a few moments it stood up with apparent injury to the hind end and ran off into the woods. Not the country drive I had intended. Tomorrow we fly back and its work work work!