Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Natural Horsemanship Training

                                               Natural Horsemanship 
  Clinic                                                                                 FREE
Sunday February 8th
10am to 4:30pm
at Hytyme Equine Rescue
29979 SE Heiple Road, Eagle Creek, Oregon 97022

Stacey Riggs from Riggs Training will be working with volunteers to apply natural horsemanship principles for groundwork and riding with the rescue horses. This event is free to the public to watch and learn. We will also be conducting a silent auction during the clinic t raise money for the care of our horses. If you would like to donate any items to be auctioned please contact Ashley at 

Grant Writing for Equine Rescue

I have been absent from the blogging world, I apologize. Recently, I began volunteering at Hytyme Equine Rescue in Eagle Creek, Oregon. They currently have over 60 horses and are in the process of rehabilitating them through healthcare, and training in hopes that they will be adopted into their forever homes. They also work on educating the public about horse slaughter, the dangers of overbreeding and proper care for the newly adopted equine. I have begun helping them with grant writing. I am new to this and am currently taking a grant writing class through the local community college. I am really enjoying the process of learning how a horse rescue operates and having the opportunity to learn natural horsemanship through some great trainers. I recently injured my knee and haven't been able to ride as much. I think by next week I should be able to get back on Jack. I hope you all are well and enjoying horsey times. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Write a review to help a local Equine Rescue raise $ for Hay

HyTyme is having a fundraiser, all we have to do is write some reviews for Insider pages to earn money for the horses!

You just make an account and click to join our fundraiser and wha-la! We make money for hay!

Each review is worth $1.50 for places that have not yet been reviewed yet or 50 cents if it has already been reviewed for the 2-4th reviews. Think of all the places you can review!! All across America! We have 20 days to earn as much as we can!!

Here is the link to the website to set up your account and make sure you click to participate in our fundraiser!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arctic Blast = No Horsey Time

I am so bummed that I have not been able to get out to the barn and see Jack. Even more so I wish I could have been around to help out at the barn with all the winter horse chores. The power was out, propane heaters were used to keep the pipes from freezing and horses were hand walked up and down the barn aisles as the arena was frozen. The wonderful people of Continental Farms deserve a vacation, somewhere warm for all their hard work. I can't imagine going through winters like this every year. The Portland area rarely sees snow and nothing like this has happened in nearly 30 years. As you can imagine no one was prepared. I am sending out warm Holiday wishes to all and extra warmth to those who have put in time and labor to care for our horse buddies in this "Arctic Blast". 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Problem with Unwanted Horses

More and more articles in horse mags and online sites are focusing their attention on the current situation of what to do with unwanted horses. Just writing the word unwanted makes me so sad. In this article is a link to a survey being conducted regarding this problem. If anyone has time or ideas please speak up. 
A link to read the full article can be found here

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Riding into Winter

I realize I've been a bad blogger. I am finding it difficult to pack in all I aspire to do as the days grow shorter. I don't officially have internet at my house which I should remedy. Also, I don't always get a chance to take pictures, which I think enhances the blogging experience for me. I will get better. I have been riding Jack as often as I can. He is a new horse I have begun 1/2 leasing. I think it will be a great experience. I have given him a little body work and intend to give him a full massage as soon as he fully recovers from his worms (poor buddy). I am currently trying to figure out what direction to focus my attention towards regarding "the future", or rather "what I want to be when I grow up when I am already grown up". I've decided that I need to be a bit more assertive with the marketing of my massage work with horses. I am finding it difficult with the economy to acquire new business. I plan to continue studying and start offering free massages at my barn, as well as volunteering at a local equine rescue. I am fortunate to have a somewhat flexible work schedule which pays me enough to afford lessons and leasing, although bartending is not satisfying and purely for monetary reasons. My dream is to have a rehab center for horses bringing together various holistic practitioners. I would love to have it be an educational center for horse owners as well, offering workshops and trainings as well as body work and massage for the rider, we all could benefit from that for sure. I recently came across an article in the NW Horse Source magazine about a woman that has a rehab and recovery center with holistic practitioners , located in Bozeman, Montana. She followed her passion and has inspired me to do the same, to think about the possibilities rather than the what if's. Her website is She puts out a newsletter if anyone is interested. I hope you all are well and enjoying your horse buddies. 
I am wishing for a wireless internet connection for the holidays, so I can be a better blogger.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost Back in the Saddle

I am going a bit stir crazy. I miss the barn, the people, and especially the horses. The weather here in Oregon the past week has been so beautiful. I would have given anything to be on atop a beautiful horse buddy. I had acupuncture for my back pain a few days ago. That has been the best treatment thus far. I am going back for more! All of the amazing photos from fellow bloggers have been so inspiring. I used to be an avid photographer, I think I'll get back at it. I hope everyone is enjoying their horse friends and having a lovely autumn.