Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It has been awhile since I last wrote. Working hard on my externship for EBW certification. This work is so incredible to me. After each horse I learn something new as well as crave learning more so I can aid in their healing and overall health. I continue to purchase books through Amazon, yet I must stop, I have to admit I feel like a junkie. How many equine anatomy books does one need? I have come across one that is a tremendous help that I would recommend to any horse lover, Horse Conformation, structure, soundness, and performance by Equine Research. Oh, and of course The Horse's Pain-free Back and Saddle-Fit book.

The other wonderful thing about this type of work is all of the amazing little communities I get to see outside of Portland. The past week here has been so beautiful. The rain has stayed away for now and the blue sky mixes brilliantly with the fall leaves. Oh how I wish I had a horse for trail rides!!!

One of my best experiences so far was meeting Kirsten from West Linn. She had read my blog, we had several phone conversations and then I was working on her wonderful horse Dez. How amazing is that! I also was fortunate to meet her friend Ann, and work on her horse Nikkers. I am hoping after I get my certification at the beginning of the year to go back out and do a demo for the 4H-club.

Hopefully on my next few massage outings I can have someone along to take pictures.

This past weekend I enjoyed the Mt. Hood wilderness by mushroom hunting with a few friends. We found a bounty of yummy chantrelles. If anyone has ever done this you know how fun yet compulsive this can be. Once you find one you can't stop looking. And today I went back along the beautiful Clackamas river to Austin Hot Springs. The water is extremely hot, nearly boiling so you have to mix it with a bit of the river water, I wouldn't say it was all the way relaxing, but a beautiful excuse to drive into the countryside.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Perfect Fall Morning

What a beautiful fall morning. I headed out to Sauvie Island to Kristina's farm. The island is amazingly beautiful and so close to the city. This is the busy season for the farm residents on the island as Halloween approaches. There are various places to visit pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and pick dahlias.
I began my first massage with a sweet little chestnut mare, a Quarter horse-Arab named Cinnamon. She definitely needs some work. I got good responses from her and hopefully relieved a few sore spots surrounding her shoulder, back, and hip. Her eyes would soften and she licked and chewed a bit. There were a few exhales and several stretches with her mouth, big yawns. It felt amazing to give her some much needed release. We worked in the round pen with Kris, then I worked alone awhile, relaxing and taking in the experience. Many flocks of birds flew over, especially Canadian Geese. A few of her other horses and foals were wandering in the pasture, finally coming over to check it all out. I made plans to come back and work on her 3 year old Thouroughbred. This work is so rewarding and I can't wait to learn more.

A perfect fall morning.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Accepting Change

It is Thursday and it feels like a Monday, in a good way. I have been struggling with car issues and relationship woes for weeks unable to concentrate on my studies of my equine buddies. Today feels like a fresh start. After a day of breaking down our relationship, really figuring out where both of us are at I feel clearer and able to function once again. Growing together is a challenge. It is hard to accept that we may both be in different places in our life. With all of the other changes coinciding with a struggling realtionship, resentment was the only feeling I could express. I feel relieved to have talked it out, knowing that we truly love one another and able to give eachother the needed space to figure out how to progress with our chosen work.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wrestling with the season of change

Was summer mearly a dream? This week the rain returned. I really enjoy cold rainy days, sometimes. I think if I lived in the country, with a pasture full of horses and a giant stone fireplace I could handle the forthcoming months. I have had to temporarily give up my riding lessons. I had been taking 2 lessons a week for 7 months. This was the most I had progressed in riding and now, I wonder what it will be like when I return. I already miss the faces of Robbie and Chase.

This season always slows down in terms of business and therefore money. The extra $300 a month + I usually set aside for horses will now go to my car fund. I believe I have gotten over the initial depression of that and moved on to what I really need to concentrate on. I need to be diligent and study hard to complete my externship. I have 5 months. I will not let this car obstacle get me down. It seems to be the only thing standing in my way. If only we still used horses as our main transportation.